When a superior man hears of the Tao,

he immediately begins to embody it.

When an average man hears of the Tao,

he half believes it, half doubts it.

When a foolish man hears of the Tao,

he laughs out loud.

If he didn't laugh,

it wouldn't be the Tao.

                            - Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu

The past masters would say these rare arts are worth more than your weight in gold, don’t waste this opportunity. 

This is a rare opportunity to receive transmission of High Level Taoist Arts at the Qi Clinic or at the comfort of your own home via Skype.

By purchasing any of the following services, you agree to the terms and conditions 

Clinical Qigong Therapy & Taoist Medicine
1-1.5 hours -
£79.00 per session at Qi Clinic
£79.00 per distance session
Note: Distance sessions are not done over Skype. Sessions are booked and performed on an agreed 1-3 day period. After purchasing please email a photo (optional), name, age, location (town, city and country) and any specific issues that you would like the Clinical Qigong Therapist to focus on.
Sessions are also available for animals, as they respond just as well.
Gift of the Tao Neigong
Classes at Qi Clinic 
Taoist Natural Qigong

Stage 1: The art of Zi Fa Gong (自發動功), awakening spontaneous energy flow

Taught in WorkshopPrivate Qigong Retreat, Local Classes or

2 Skype sessions plus 1 Distance Clinical Qigong Therapy session

£550 Skype

Stage 2: Harnessing the energy

Taught in WorkshopLocal Classes or day 3 of Private Qigong Retreat

(can be taken separately at a later date)


Stage 3: Wu Wei

Taught in Workshop, Local Classes or day 4 & 5 of Private Qigong Retreat

(can be taken separately at a later date)

Group practice sessions at the Qi Clinic for graduates of any stage 

£10 per one hour session 

Hua Tuo’s Spontaneous Five Animals Play Qigong 

(Zi Fa WuQinXi Dong Gong  自发《五禽戏》动功)

Private Retreat: Taught at the Qi Clinic over 1 Day


Prerequisite: Minimum 100 days of Taoist Natural Qigong

Taoist Shamanism 巫

Taoist Talismans, I-Ching Readings & Distance Energetic Feng Shui

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