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The Art of Qigong

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For thousands of years the ancient indigenous people of China interacted with a force in nature that bought on a sense of inner peace, joy and vitality. Through this interaction from deep within they came across their Tao (their way or flow), leading them to discover and fulfil their life’s purpose.

They gave birth to what is now known as the art of Qigong.

Qi (氣), pronounced chi, means life force energy. It’s the raw ingredient behind the make-up of everything in the universe. 

Gong (功) is short for Gong-Fu meaning supreme skill acquired through time and effort. A great poet, painter or calligrapher is said to have Gong-Fu.

Qigong (氣功) is the mastery of energy acquired through time and effort.

The Qigong Masters found that there is Qi (vital energy) flowing throughout the meridians, the energetic pathways of the body. The energetic system is one of the many systems within the human body, others being circulatory, nervous, endocrine, etc.


Hu Yaozhen Qi Clinic 

Lilyhurst Holistic Centre

12 Lilyhurst Road

Shifnal, Shropshire 

England, UK

TF11 8RL

Hours: 10am-7pm

Early and late appointments available. 


Tel: Qi Clinic clients, please email for number.

Best way to reach us is via email, as we're with clients throughout the day. 

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When this energy is flowing well, there is balance, and the individual enjoys vitality, joy and inner peace. When there are blockages in any of these pathways then the energy flow is disrupted, this can lead to physical and mental health issues.

Qi is like water, if a stream becomes blocked and stagnates, it can cause problems. This can be resolved by restoring the waters natural flow. The energy pathways of the body can become blocked due to a variety of reasons such as injuries, poor diet and lifestyle choices.

Qigong can restore the flow of energy back into balance (homeostasis). So just like the natural cycles, how the sun rises each morning and sets each evening, we too can be in harmony with the natural rhythm of the universe and enjoy a harmonious life full of vitality, joy and inner peace.

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