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Note: Due to the commitment of a full time Qi Clinic and the time required for in depth intensive training and mastery in this art, apprenticeships in the Spiritual Hermit Tradition of Taoist Shamanic training are currently closed to the public.

However the Taoist Shaman has a duty to help those who ask for their assistance, so below you shall find the sorcery or mundane aspects of Taoist Shamanism.  

The spiritual healing aspects of Taoist Shamanism are currently performed in Taoist Natural Qigong Training and Clinical Qigong Therapy & Taoist Medicine Sessions

Throughout Chinese history people would visit their local Shaman seeking remedies for many of life’s problems such as people in need of protection, relief from health problems, success in career, improve the energetics of an environment and assist martial artists & soldiers who wish to go through transformations of power through warrior ceremonies.

Taoist Fu Talisman

Taoist Talismans (Fu or ShenFu 神符)

We all have our main path, way or Tao with many branches that fork out as we journey on this path in life. 

We also have smaller branches that govern fame, love, creativity, travel, career, knowledge, family and wealth. 


If the Qi or life force is flowing smoothly along these pathways we experience a smooth and fulfilling life. If the Qi is blocked on any of these pathways then we experience problems in certain aspects of our lives. 

Nature reflects its cycles on many levels.

For example the energetic pathways of the body such as the lung meridian can become blocked leading to health problems, the Taoist Shaman will utilise the art of Qigong to restore the bodies energy back into balance (homeostasis).

If the energy flow of a space becomes blocked, it can lead to problems in one or more of the life branches, the Taoist Shaman will utilise Energetic Feng Shui (offered below) to restore balance.  

Or if an individual is struggling to draw money or finding it difficult to maintain and build savings then their wealth branch ("wealth meridian") is blocked. The Taoist Shaman will utilise a Fu Talisman to unblock the wealth branch so that the individual may enjoy life in a balanced way, not just survive but thrive. 

Taoism UK

From Wuji to Taiji to Bagua

Two of the most versatile tools of the Taoist shaman is the I-Ching and the Taoist Talisman (Fu or ShenFu 神符). 

I-Ching is a method of divination which pinpoints exactly where the blocks are in the pathways and the Taoist Talisman rectifies the problem. 


In order to create a Taoist Talisman the Taoist Shaman taps into the raw form of Cosmic Qi and usually with the assistance of powerful spiritual beings (classically known as Immortals), this harnessed energy goes through many forms of transformation until it has transformed into an energy that can remove the specific blocks or enhance certain aspects of an individuals life path. 

In order to stop this form of transmuted energy from floating away and to be able to harness it to bring long lasting change in an individuals life, it needs a physical vessel in order for it to be contained on this physical plane.

So the Taoist Shaman stores this form of Qi onto a piece of paper in the form of Celestial Calligraphy.


Just like the practitioner finds their life’s path or way through the practice of Taoist Natural Qigong  and Clinical Qigong Therapy & Taoist Medicine, the way of the Taoist Talismans is another path to awakening and fulfilling their life purpose.

Taoist Fu Talisman

Wen Chang Pagoda to amplify scholarly & academic energetics  

There are two types of Taoist Talismans

The first type of Taoist Talisman the old method and very rare among today’s practitioners. This is where the Shaman journeys directly to the spiritual realm to consult the Immortal Teachers. The energetics of Cosmic Qi result in the creation of a unique Talisman, one of a kind. 


The second type of Taoist Talisman uses templates that have been passed through generations. Each specific lineage have their own secret Talisman templates. The Taoist Shaman awakens each empty vessel and links it to a specific individual or place. 


Having been classically trained in the first method and in the Liu Ren Sect and Mao Shan Sect lineages I tend to find balance.


Sometimes I start with the second method, producing a classical time tested Talisman then take it straight up to the Immortal Teachers for any additional work and final approval before it leaves the premises, making its way to the recipient. 


Other times I go straight to the Immortal Teachers leading to a one of a kind creation. 


Each situation and each recipient are unique and will receive what they truly need. 


In the end every Talisman is created in the realm of my specialty, touched and directly approved from an Immortal Teacher. 

Qigong UK

Temple at Mao Shan

The price of a Taoist Talisman is based on the average UK hourly wage and the number of hours taken (at least 3 hours per Fu) for the consecration phase of direct empowerment from an Immortal Teacher, Star Stepping and Purple and Golden Light practice. These are not mass produced Fu found in Asian temples.


If an individual feels that this is not a rare opportunity offered on a silver platter and has no respect for the Shamans Gong-Fu (time and effort), then please look elsewhere. 

Please Note: A Fu that works on the Wealth branch most likely will not cause an individual to win the lottery (but not impossible) as that wouldn't follow the law of balance (harmony of Yin & Yang). It will work on restoring a healthy flow of energy on an individuals Wealth branch so they are thriving and not just surviving in life.


By purchasing any of the following services, you agree to the terms and conditions

I-Ching Reading


The Chinese have been using I-Ching since 1000 BC; making it one of the oldest types of divination on the planet.

These are not your common readings, they are done in the presence and guidance of the Immortal Teachers. 

After placing your order please email a maximum of 3 questions, for example “what would be the outcome if I applied for ... position and would I be satisfied?”

I-Ching Reading slots are fully booked for the near future

The Five Thunder Talisman


This is the go to Talisman for protection for an individual or place.

It holds the energy behind the manifestation of thunder and lighting granted by the Emperors and Marshals of Thunder. 

Carry it for personal protection or place it above the main doorway for environmental protection. 

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Purple & Gold Light Purification Talismans

Set of Three


This Talisman creates a powerful “bath of purple and gold Light energetics” to remove all negativity from the body, mind, emotion, and spirit and creates shifts to help users awaken their innate potential/Tao of life. 


Pour a handful of sea salt in a bathtub and fill it with warm water. Then fold one Talisman vertically and light it on fire from the bottom. As the flame raises (take care not to burn your hand), let go of the Talisman so it hits the water and then soak in the water for 20 minutes.

To be repeated for 2 more times and can be done over 3 days or 3 weeks. 

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Talisman of The Martial Wealth God 

(Zhao Gong Ming Cai Shen)


One of my closest Teachers. Grants success, wealth, luck and charisma and removes obstacles for individuals who cultivate pure heart and generosity. 

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Talisman of The Great Spirits of the Earth


This Talismans offers relief to those individuals who keep suffering from unforeseen expenses and cannot hold onto long term savings, inharmonious relationships and health. 

It helps by forming a better relationship with the local spirits of the land leading to a more harmonious life.

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Custom made Talisman 


Explain your situation (email) in no longer than a paragraph and the Taoist Shaman will create a unique Talisman for the specific situation. 

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Distance Energetic Feng Shui Session 


The energetics of an environment has an impact on our well-being and aspects of our life such as finances, career and relationships. 

Energetic Feng Shui removes negative energetics to creates a harmonious environment for smooth daily life. 

After placing your order please email a photo and address of the property. 

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Please Note: All Fu Talismans are produced to a certain size with the intentions for them to discretely fit into a wallet or purse. Please email us if you would like to order a larger custom piece. 

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