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Our Vision

Qigong is an ancient art that awakens the body’s natural self-healing intelligence and allows the practitioner to enjoy a life full of inner peace, joy and vitality.

As time passed the Taoists faced oppression and by the 20th century these arts were no longer to be found in their place of origin. Replaced by what can only be called theatrical tai chi or qigong dance exercise, these rare gems are at the brink of extinction and sadly may cease to exist by the end of this generation.

Qigong UK was established to preserve the Taoist Arts and the legacy of the past masters.

For the first time in history seekers of the path can enter a sanctuary, where they may study the once closely guarded secrets of the healing, martial and spiritual branches of the arts to a great depth.   

Our Venue


During the 20th century Master Hu Yaozhen helped coin up the term “Qigong” and “Medical/Clinical Qigong”, and then opened the very first Clinical Qigong Healing Hospital in Beijing, China.

Master Hu earned the title “Father of Modern day Qigong” and three generations on Master Hu’s legacy thrives through the work of the Hu Yaozhen Qi Clinic.

The Hu Yaozhen Qi Clinic is one of the few full time Qi clinics and training faculties worldwide. It consists of indoor and outdoor areas surrounded by the woods and rolling hills of the Shropshire countryside.

A great space to relax, rejuvenate and find your way.

Hu YaoZhen

Grandmaster Hu Yaozhen

Our Story



Qigong Teacher & Clinical Qigong Therapist 

22 years experience 


From a young age I had felt a calling to the healing, martial and spiritual arts of the ancient world.

My journey began at the tender age of 12 when a book on Qigong fell right by my feet at the local library. 

Fast forward to almost two decades later, my journey led to the apprenticeships of being classically trained with some of the most treasured Qigong lineages of our time.

My experience includes apprenticeship with Qigong Masters visiting from Malaysia and learning in the back rooms of Chinese restaurants of London Chinatown. 

As soon as I turned 17 I expanded my horizons, I located and became an apprentice of several Qigong Masters who had fled communist oppression for the sole purpose of looking to pass their treasured arts to the next generation.

My path crossed with almost a dozen of these kind of Teachers, ranging from the UK to Ireland, Sweden, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and USA. 

Being classically trained sometimes involved a single sentence on what I would be learning, then began the training with no further explanations. This sometimes went on for a few years before receiving any further theory, instruction or even the Teachers name. 

Most of those Teachers have fulfilled their duty to pass the arts down to the next generation and have retired from teaching and they wish their identity and whereabouts to remain confidential and that will be respected. 

The Masters wish to emphasise the collective flow of the art from being passed down from generation to generation for the last few thousand years. The Teachers of the previous generation do not wish these arts to be remembered as “belonging” to certain individuals throughout history and that is why they drop the names of each Teacher once they have fulfilled their duty to pass on the arts, instead of keeping lineage charts. 

These precious arts are beyond any one person, they are timeless. 

Below I will indulge readers in as much information I am permitted to do so, however in the end each individual will know from their gut feeling as to which art is right for them as they come to read the information provided under Taoist Arts.

I would like to express my gratitude to the following systems that allowed the creation of a one of a kind training faculty and clinic.

The lineage holders of the following four arts migrated to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia over the last few hundred years. This gave them a safe haven to keep their arts alive whilst the lineages in Mainland China suffered from the communist crackdown.   

  • Taoist Ziran (Natural) Qigong

  • Hua Tuo Spontaneous Five Animal Play (Hua Tuo Zifa Wuqinxi Donggong)

  • Various Taoist Internal Martial Arts

  • Taoist Shamanism & various esoteric practices of East and West

  • Initiate of Xiao Yao Pai (逍遥派)



The final piece of the puzzle fell into place with The Stillness Movement Lineage

Traditionally throughout history Qigong has always been a closely guarded secret, only being passed down to a handful or even a few as one person per generation.

This changed in the 20th century, as a gift for humanity the Masters started to open up.

Let’s start with the 5 of the most accomplished Masters of that time.

Hu Yaozhen (1879 -1973): Master Hu Yaozhen helped coin up the term “Qigong” and “Yigong” (Medical/Clinical Qigong), and then opened the very first Clinical Qigong Healing Hospital in Beijing, China.

Master Hu earned the title “Father of Modern day Qigong” and was given the title of "Single Finger Shakes The World" by the most respected fellow Masters of his time. The Japanese martial arts community called him the "Chinese Martial Spirit".

Lay Taoist practitioner and disciple of the three Taoist lineages, Longmen Pai, Jinshan Pai and Yin Xian Pai.

He became known as “Miraculous Hand Spirit Doctor” and before the Communist Revolution of 1949, Hu Yaozhen was the only Chinese Medicine and Qigong doctor allowed into western style hospitals in Beijing to treat foreigners.

In 1953 Master Hu and his good friend Master Chen Fake, the 17th generation representative of the Chen Family Style Taiji, opened the Capital Martial Arts Research Institute. The two contributed a great deal to the development of Chinese martial arts.

Master Hu produced Grandmasters that went on to create their own systems such as Feng Zhiqiang.

Master Hu synthesised his practices and founded Jing Dong Gong, Stillness Movement Neigong.  


Zhou Qian Chuan (1907-1972): A Master of Taoist Medicine, western medical doctor, a high ranking military general  and the 12th lineage holder of Emei Qigong of Mount Emei, one of the four sacred mountains of China.

Liu Gui Zhen (1920-1983):The 6th Lineage holder of Nei Yang Gong Qigong and earned the title “Father of Modern Medical Qigong”.

Chen Ying Ning (1880-1969) : Sought out Taoist teachers from the sacred mountains and trained in the Taoist White Cloud Temple (Bai Yun Guan) in Beijing.

Taoist disciple of the 19th generation Complete Perfection Dragon Gate sect. Master of Daoist Neidan, considered a Taoist genius and one of the most influential Taoists of last century.

In 1956 helped in the creation of the China Daoist Association and in 1961 became president of Daoist Association which played a key role assisting Gov. Policy towards religion and benefits of Daoism to the nation.

Founded the Xian Xie Yuan Institute, expert of Neidan and helped transform Neidan for a more modern audience.

Jiang Wei Qiao (1873-1958): Master of Daoist meditation and was one of the first to introduce Taoist arts to a wider audience.


Wang Juemin: Studied and graduated with all 5 of the most accomplished masters of his time.


Many people of knowledge such as Qigong masters, academics, teachers and doctors were targeted and imprisoned during Cultural Revolution.

Master Wang was imprisoned and tortured for 17 years, 4 months and 5 days and his Qigong allowed him to stay calm and healthy. 

After being released and reunited with his family, Master Wang founded the 100 bed Baoding Qigong Hospital and as time passed,

Master Wang was considered a National Treasure by the Chinese government.



Michael Lomax: Current lineage holder of Stillness Movement system.

Trained with Dr. Vincent Graef in a 12 year apprenticeship. Mastered and teaches Taoist Medicine 道醫(Chinese Taoist Neuro-Energetic Qigong Bodywork).

Teacher Michael Lomax trained under Master Wang at the Baoding Qigong Hospital and was told “It is now time for the ancient secrets of Qigong to be made available to those in the West”.

Teacher Michael Lomax established the Institute of Chinese Energy Healing to bring this magnificent art to the modern world.

Has 45 years of clinical work utilising Qigong healing methodologies.

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