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Taoist Ziran (Natural) Qigong 

Stage 1: The Art of Zi Fa Gong (自發動功), Awakening Spontaneous Energy Flow

The past masters would say these rare arts are worth more than your weight in gold, don’t waste this opportunity.
This is a rare opportunity to receive transmission of High Level Qigong at the Qi Clinic and this format works well for long distance attendees.
By purchasing the following service, you agree to the terms and conditions

In the first stage of Taoist Natural Qigong the practitioners will learn the skill to tap into, surrender and become a vessel for the sea of energy emanating in the universe.

The Teacher will transmit the awakening (觉醒) by opening the energy gates of the body and connecting them to the Qi.

It is like a flame being passed down that has been nurtured for generations, this will trigger the precious art of Zi Fa Gong (自發動功), spontaneous energy flow.

The practitioner will find that the energy starts to move their body, swaying gently at first, then leading to more vigorous flowing movements as the body’s natural self-healing intelligence awakens and the energetic pathways are cleared and upgraded.

As Natural Qigong is a high level art, only 10 minutes (guided practice CD provided) of daily practice is required for steady growth and to reap the benefits of inner peace, joy and vitality.


By the time of departure, the individual will leave with a complete daily routine to bring the experience back home and will have gained the life long skills to embark gracefully on their journey.

Workshop Schedule:

12-1: Qigong Training

1-2: lunch 

2-3: Qigong Training with a focus on bringing all the skills into your daily life

3:30-7:30: Optional Clinical Qigong Therapy & Taoist Medicine Session slots

Hu Yaozhen Qi Clinic
12 Lilyhurst Road
Shifnal, Shropshire
England, UK
TF11 8RL

Attendees are responsible for travel, accommodation and food. Hot drinks, confectionery and a fridge to store food will be provided. Information on nearby accommodation is available via email.

Long distance clients: Nearest airport is Birmingham Airport. Nearest train station is Shifnal (SFN).
More information is available via email.

Price: £200 via Bank Transfer Email to book (£50 deposit to secure a place on this workshop, payment will be required in full at the latest 7 days prior)

People have expressed how they have got more out of Taoist Natural Qigong alone compared to their decades of training elsewhere and wished they had found these practices decades ago to not only save money but also the time and dedicated effort. 

This style of teaching, handed down for generations is designed to produce such results. It’s the awakened energy that will guide you on your path as opposed to relying on regular long term classes (although there are optional advanced levels). 

As all authentic arts the teaching style is based on intensive training where you receive a complete art, a life long practice.


Spaces: 4 spaces available.

In order for it to be fair for people who book a private retreat and students that have trained with me long term, 3 spaces need to be filled at the latest 7 days prior in order for the workshop to go ahead, if not deposits will be refunded and the Private Qigong Retreat will be recommended which is available all year round.

Note: Limited spaces for private Taoist Medicine sessions (at a cost of £80) will be available right after or the following few days after the workshop.
This is a rare opportunity for the seeker to have their energetic body worked on (channels and energy centres opened), as on their own this development would take years. Performed by a Qigong Teacher & Therapist stemming from the very first Qigong Healing Hospital of Master Hu Yaozhen in Beijing, China.
Taoist Medicine sessions are optional, the workshop is complete in its own right.

12pm till 3pm

Saturday 25th May 2024

Saturday 14th September 2024

Saturday 9th November 2024

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