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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

"I am an injury treatment massage therapist and work wit​h a lot of different pain syndromes in my daily job. Being a health care provider in such a physically demanding job as massage therapy, I find it easy unfortunately to over strain and exert myself to the point of injury myself at times. I learned of Dimitri's distance work and gave it a try and I can honestly say it has since become an irreplaceable healing tool in my life allowing me to be sustainable at my work.


In what would normally take multiple massage sessions over the course of several weeks to heal through various pain traumas, I find Dimitri's work to be of such efficiency, able to drastically reduce pain, swelling, inflammation and increase muscle mobility just after a single session, often times after 2-3 distance sessions my original health complaints having virtually vanished.


The rate at which the distance work speeds up healing is astounding, I have no doubt at this point of its clinical application. One of the most profound incidences was at the beginning of this recent new year, my friend unintentionally elbowed me right in the sternum and it micro fractured a rib. The pain was some of the most excruciating I had ever experienced, I had to roll to get out of bed as the pain prevented me from sitting up normally. My arms were barely able to press any level of pressure without the pain arising. I called in sick from work telling my boss what had happened.


I scheduled a series of distance sessions that week with Dimitri and the results were beyond astounding! After that one week of several sessions my pain which had been a 9 out of 10 lowered to a much more tolerable level of 2-3. It felt as if there was a force stabilizing my rib cage like a splint inside of my body that gave me back my ability to exert strength again from my arms.


In short it was a miracle and I was able to return back to work after just one week of time off and never missed another day.

For massage therapy your body is everything, so for me to be able to get back on the job so fast was a personal life saver for being able to keep my job and continue earning my living.


I can see why clinical qigong is used in the hospitals of China and Dimitri is a top notch practitioner of this rare modality. I would give high recommendation to trying this form of therapy, I yet to experience anything else like it."


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