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Gift of the Tao Qigong

Gift of the Tao Neigong

In the old days the Qigong Masters found that they could embody the natural energies from their surroundings, such as tapping into a stream, an animal or lightening and they found their body’s started to perform certain movements as the energies circulated throughout their energetic system. 

Standards of Qi cultivation were further raised through the generations as the Masters reached higher levels and experienced energetics that were not accessible without a lot of Gong-Fu, Time & Effort.

Just like the energetics found in nature, the Masters found a way to mimic those energetics that were observed at the higher levels. Today we have a set of movements now known as Gift of the Tao of the Stillness Movement lineage. 

By performing these movements (they are not breath-work or a body-work focused practice, although those are wonderful side affects), they allow the practitioner to tap into those higher level energetics.

As today's standard (Gong-Fu or time and effort) of Qi cultivation and meditation compares nothing to those of the past masters, without the assistance of a reverse engineered practice such as Gift of the Tao Neigong, it is very likely that modern practitioners of many styles may never experience such higher level energetics in this lifetime. 

In class we will become aware of and tap into the ocean of Qi that surrounds us all. We will be interacting and shifting with the higher level energetics so that we can truly live life with one foot in each world, Wu Wei.

“My Teacher told me to start pulling in energy. I pulled it from the stream next to us, from the trees, from the Earth, and from the Higher Levels. Soon, the whole area glowed. The effort had lifted us into a higher vibrational level.”

Teacher Michael Lomax

A Light Warrior's Guide to High Level Energy Healing (Medical Qigong & A Shaman's Healing Vision)

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